Chanuka is similar to Hazina in that it offers the buyer an option to walk away from the deal should financial circumstances change or for any other reason. This product has a potential of offering instant equity on expiry of the contract. The buyer traditionally pays an option fee to reserve a particular property price over a particular time frame. The buyer then decides at the expiry of the contract whether to exercise option of purchasing the property. The blocks of land will have no indefeasible titles at purchase of the product; only proposed subdivisions will be readily available to the buyers at purchase of the product. The buyers are entitled to all equity generated during the period of the contract. The seller is obliged to sell should the buyer express interest to exercise the call option. It is expected that the seller would have ready indefeasible titles before exercise of the option contract.

* Since buyers pay a fraction of the land value but entitled to ALL equity generated during the period the product matures to expiry, it is there possible to explore other investment opportunity or meet other needs with the rest of the funds or even save on Bank Interest repayments because you will not need a Bank Loans to access the products. Once the product is purchased, buyer can use several strategies to derive high return including but not limited to: Trading their Products for a higher fee. Although not guaranteed, buyers can apply for Buy Back from the company during the call option period. Buyers may choose to exercise their option during call option period and enjoy huge equity generated by the product.