Benefits of Diamond Franchise model include:

  1. 35% Commission of Option Fee payment and 5% commission on payment of the Exercise Price (Balance) of the land transaction.
  2. Territory distribution rights which can be assigned for profit at a future date. The Franchisee can hire own sales representatives to work for the franchise in the territory. The company will offer support in recruitment as well as pay  up some a year’s worth of operational costs related to hiring up to 10 sales representative.
  3. If the Franchisee identifies potential markets that interest their clients, the company will offer support in Product Development. The Company will offer support in the following areas including but not limited to, logistics, planning and implementation of private projects initiated by Diamond members. The Company may also explore possibility of co-funding the project if feasibility studies are favorable.
  4. With growing popularity of the business, there exists opportunity to trade Diamond Franchisee rights at a good profit. Commissions in this category of Franchise model will be paid as follows.

For purposes of clarity, let’s consider one of our products-Isinya 1/8 acre parcel of land going for Ksh 455,000. The deposit is Ksh 110,000 paid in ten monthly instalments of Ksh 11,000 per month. After the fifth instalment of Ksh 11,000 (that is payment of 55,000) we will pay the franchisee 35% of Ksh 55,000. On payment of the tenth instalments (second deposit of Ksh 55,000) we will pay the franchisee 35% of Ksh 55,000. When the client pays the balance of Ksh 345,000 in November 2017, we will pay the franchisee a commission of 5% of the Ksh 345,000.