Option 1:

Cash Price – 850,000

Option 2:

Buy now for Ksh 945,000 per 1/8 acre.  Pay Ksh 45,000 per month for 10 months & Balance of Ksh 495,000 by April 2021.

With Premium Plus Membership

This Parcel goes for a strike price of Ksh 1,083,400. Pay Ksh 58,440 per month for 10 months and the balance of Ksh 499,000 in April 2021.

*Kshs. 134,400 has to be paid on the 1st anniversary of the Premium Plus Membership (PPM) subscription.

No interest repayments

The property is located approximately 3 km from the main road to Airport and less than 12 Km from the airport. This magnificent block of land offers serene mountainous views and lies along the path of the proposed Kapseret Bypass project.

Other Developments in the area includes:-

  • -:- Tuiyo High School
  • -:- Seventh day Adventists Church
  • -:- ACK Aturei Secondary School (7 km from Eldoret Kapseret Rd)
  • -:- Tebeswet Preparatory School (less than 1.2 Km from the property)
  • -:- Segero Adventist School
  • -:- AIC Lemook Secondary School
  • -:- Nilkanth Quarry (dealers and mining of ballast and dealers of building materials)

Whereas the upper half of the half of the property can be used for farming activities, the lower half offers completely different potential for economic activities.

The lower half of the property is adjacent to a small river stream offering naturally bushy and lush vegetation.

This small river stream creates potential for irrigation.The lower half of the property is endowed with natural resources, a cornucopia of rocky surface that can be excavated for manufacture of all types of
ballasts, bricks and other building materials.

Did you know?

  1. 1. Eldoret is thought to be the fastest growing City in Kenya.
  2. 2. Eldoret is experiencing unprecedented growth in real estate development.
  3. 3. Real estate yields are more promising compared to agriculture in Eldoret.
  4. 4. Eldoret enjoys good transport infrastructure such as Eldoret International Airport, Eldoret airstrip, the railway system and the Northern corridor that links Kenya to the great lakes regions.



1. Enroll for Premium Membership.  Online Premium membership costs Ksh 30,947  per annum and entitles you to a number of benefits



The Premium Membership Payments other than online payments will cost Ksh 29,400 per annum and can be paid through Mpesa to;

PAYBILL NO. 516600

A/C NO. 0170144899001

2. Send a copy of your ID, PIN as well as state your Postal address to info(at)landbankingkenya.co.ke for purposes of preparing legal contracts

3. Receive Subdivision layout and an invitation for a site visit if in Kenya.

4. Confirmation of plot allocation, Payment of the first installment & execution of contracts before an Advocate in the country of residence or Sichangi Partners advocates if in Kenya.