Option 1:

Strike price of Ksh 350,000. Pay Ksh 10,000 per month for 2 years and the balance of ksh 110,000 at the end.

Option 2:

Strike price of Ksh 395,000. Pay Ksh 7,500 per month for 3yrs and the balance of ksh 125,000 at the end.

Isinya Town is located in Kajiado County, approximately 70 km south of Nairobi. Expansion of Kitengela has caused real estate in Isinya to undergo exponential growth. Most institutions have now purchased land between Kitengela and Isinya. There are a number of established and upcoming Universities in this area.


This property is Located in Isinya, Kajiado County and is in the pathway of development. It lies in the path of The Great North Road.

• Only 800 meters to Kajiado konza Bypass
• The Isinya Konza Bypass is only 6.4 Km away.
• Less than 10 Km from the main road –Nairobi Namanga road.
• Located only 100 meters from Oloshaiki Primary school & Church
• Only 400 Meters from the Magadi Konza Railway
• Next to Compassion offices & Oloshaiki (a place of water) where there is a community borehole.
• Access to Enoonturesh water project. The community therefore easily access the water project.