Option1: This parcel goes for a strike price of Ksh 399,000.00. It expires in April 2020. Pay Ksh 12,000.00 per month for ONLY 10 MONTHS and pay the balance of Ksh 279,000 by March 2020.

Option 2: This parcel goes for a strike price of Ksh 399,000. Pay Ksh 15,000 per month for 10 months and the balance of Ksh 249,000 in April 2021.

Namanga is a scenery place, a town in Kenya which lies on the border with Tanzania. Located in Kajiado, it is around 110 kilometers from Arusha, Tanzania. Namanga’s economy was heavily dependent on tourism until 2004 as tourists visiting the nearby Amboseli National Park passed through the town from Nairobi which is 183 kilometers from Namanga. The town is surrounded by hills from both the TanzaniNamanga_nan side and Kenya. Mount Kilimanjaro can be viewed from Namanga town which makes it a scenery place by tourists who lodge in Namanga on their way to either Tanzania or Amboseli.
The economy of Namanga has drastically been on the rise as it seized to depend only on tourism. The town is currently dependent on tourism, import and export from both Kenya and Tanzania. With the opening of the East African Community borders, the town will benefit from market of both countries

With the recent investment IMG_5926by the financial institutions and the completion of the great north road, the town has grown economical especially in its infrastructure. This development has increased transport activities from the area as it triggered more importation of commodities from Tanzania to Kenya as it is assumed to be cheaper.


This property goes for a strike price of Ksh 399,000.00 expires in April 2020. With Ksh 12,000.00 per month for ONLY TEN MONTHS you can now secure this parcel of land. IndiIMG_5931vidual titles will be available before expiry of the option. Pay Balance of Ksh 279,000 by March 2020.

• It is around 500 meters from the airstrip meaning it will be ideal for business and also residential.

• It is right on the road – Amboseli -Namanga road.

• A Chinese construction company has won a tender and will start working on tarmacking this road from next year.

• It is just over 14 kms from Namanga town.

• This property is approx 60 Kms from Amboseli Serena Park.11203079_512814878885389_1950829409961469032_n

• Only 2kms away from Olgulului town.

• 10kms from Construction site of Kentraco – power substation.

• Exquisite, magnificent views of Mt Kilimanjaro.

• Located approximately 8Km from a proposed Hotel. The Hotel is currently under construction.

• Namanga Amboseli Road connects Namanga to Oloitoktok & Emali onto Mombasa Road.


1. Enroll for Premium Membership. Online Premium membership costs Ksh 30,947 per annum and entitles you to a number of benefits



The Premium Membership Payments other than online payments will cost Ksh 29,400 per annum and can be paid through Mpesa to;

PAYBILL NO. 516600

A/C NO. 0170144899001

2. Send a copy of your ID, PIN as well as state your Postal address to info(at)landbankingkenya.co.ke for purposes of preparing legal contracts.

3. Receive Subdivision layout and invitation for site visit if in Kenya.

4. Confirmation of  plot allocation, Payment of the first Installment & execution of contracts before an Advocate in the country of residence or Sichangi Partners advocates if in Kenya.